Most frequent questions and answers about our tents

Our clients love our stretch tents because they are unique and easy to set-up. With customers always looking for something a little more creative, the flexibility and versatility of our stretch tents ensures that each event can be tailored to the site or client’s specific requirements. With our wide selection of colors, they create the WOW factor at any event.

Because they are so versatile, they can be used anywhere: from small backyard functions and weddings to large corporate events, product launches, music festivals or sporting events. Our stretch tents will transform your area into an amazing and impressive space. Your imagination is your only limit!

Our smallest individual tent is approximately 6m x 8m and our largest is roughly 20m x 25m. But the beauty of these tents is that they are modular in design and can be joined together to comfortably accommodate larger numbers of guests. They are incredibly versatile, which means our designs can cater for the smallest function to the largest corporate affairs with style and ease.

Yes, they can and they’ll look like part of the building, essentially becoming an extension of the interior space and can be used to reshape any entertaining area. They can be attached to existing walls, frames, terraces, rooftops, gardens and even storage containers.

The rates for hiring a stretch tent will, of course, vary depending on size and the complexity of the project, but you can expect competitive rates to that of traditional marquee tents.

Freeform® fabric is a specially developed two way stretch fabric that is 100% waterproof. It is made with high tenacity yarns which make it super strong. It’s treated with mould inhibitors, UV protectors, UV absorbers and a Teflon coating for dirt repellence.

Yes, the latest generation of the fabric technology used by Stretch Tents Canada is 100% waterproof. Where the tents are joined together, we use a clever water-tight guttering system, which means we can tessellate any number of tents together to create the perfect environment for your event.

Freeform® are the only ‘Flex’ tents on the market that fully comply with the current American, UK and European fire regulations. Full details are available upon request.

If the weather turns wet and windy the sides simply close down to make a cosy interior space; and when you know our tents can easily withstand winds of up to 50mph or 60 knots, you’ll certainly feel safe and snug.

Long warm summer evenings is where stretch tents really perform as they act like suspended canopies keeping your guests shaded while allowing cool breezes to move through the space.

No, the beauty of a stretch tent is that it can stretch and flex over any terrain and work around and between buildings and other structures.

The ability of a stretch tent to adapt to and reinvent the entertaining space is amazing. We can rig them from buildings, over terraces, encompass gardens and slopes as well as incorporate features such as trees and rocks to create a truly magical space.

Our stretch tents can be hired for a single day or longer events. They can certainly extend the dining opportunities for many hotels and restaurants, well into the fall and spring.

Let us know what kind of event you plan to hold and how many people you plan to entertain and we’ll recommend the size and configuration of the stretch tent.

We won’t be in your way for long; unlike the set-up of many complex and heavy marquees. Our expert team will be in and complete the installation in just a few hours, leaving you plenty of time to dress and prepare the venue. Similarly, when you’re ready, the tent can be deconstructed and moved off site just as quickly.

You can order your tent in a color to match the theme and color scheme of your event. We will need about 6 weeks notice to organise this and can supply color swatch books for you to choose from.

Yes, we do resell and custom design our stretch tents; and we can also print your logo and brand image onto the material, which is great for corporate shows and product launches.

No, we specialize in tent rentals only. If you are looking for other wedding or special event rental supplies, you can contact our friends at Spark Event Rentals