a rabbit and shark chimera facing forward, illustrated in the style of a children's book. The shark is shades of lime green with a black background.

Are We Art Yet?

AWAY Collective is a coalition of artists working to bridge the divide between traditional, digital, and AI creators. Our work centers a multi-modal approach, utilizing new media technologies without sacrificing ethics in its distribution. We believe in accessible artmaking for people of all abilities, and seek to close the literacy divide between the early adopters and future users.

Collective Gallery

Three images in a heavily stylised tarot card/art nouveau style of golden sailing ships being struck by lightning in front of turbulent clouds and waves.
An image in a cel shaded anime and stained glass art nouveau style of what appears to be a brown haired white woman with insect wings spreading out behind her, dressed in white cloth and holding something wrapped in cloth.
image in an oil painting style of a naval officer facing away from the viewer, wearing a naval uniform that begins with a triangular navy blue thing framed with gold lace before flowing out into a rainbow cloak.
A comic page, at the top of the page is a silhouette of a ship as if one was looking up at the ship from underwater, the text reads: I thought that we soon parted company from each other / and all alone, / I continued / to sink, / sink, / sink, / until, / at last, / I could sink no deeper. The words are broken up and positioned as if they are sinking down the page.
An image in a saturated clean digital art style of a rainbow storm over turbulent oceans with a shape that could be a sailing ship, but there is a rainbow flag instead of a sail.
A girl with red cat eyes and very voluminous brown hair being blown by the wind, looking off to the left.
A glitched portrait of a woman with black hair on a red background. A black bar is overlayed in the middle and some parts have their colors inverted.
A woman is standing in the middle of a calm whirlpool, in a forest with a purple atmosphere and steep rocky beaches on either side.
Ruddy statue of an angel reaching out with stone wings, a faded sun warming their hand from behind.
A traditional stone castle with a traditional English looking house on top, there's what seems to be rose petals dancing in the wind.
Projections of the end times: a group of people silhouetted by black and white splotchy patterns viewing art in a gallery.
Weeping angel. A marble colored papier-mâché textured angelic figure with a solemn look bursts through newspaper articles.
A painting of a man with a hollow face showing runes inscribed on the side of a pyramid while some creatures stand among him.
A black and white collage of a silhouetted man walking down a path with a painted portrait of the man overlayed on top.
A painting of a sofa and other furniture in a living room along with lots of overgrown furniture.
A surrealist painting of a person wearing a dress and a mask with a symbol on it.
A monitor surrounded by flowers in a cel shaded illustration style.
A monitor surrounded by flowers in a cel shaded illustration style.
A demon-like figure in a priest's outfit in front of a church window inviting the viewer into a dark room.
A figure with angel wings wearing a uniform and carrying guns hovering above people in 19th century clothes.
Two male figures with short cut hair wearing long black coats walking down the empty street of a futuristic city.
A black guinea pig with a white snout wearing a red scarf and a hat made of a hemp bag.
An old man with short hair and glasses wearing a red pullover and a short black skirt.
A picture of a man with short hair and a beard, wearing a business suit, looking away and down. His face is not visible and his back is to us. The palette is mostly browns with small hints of blue, and the sky is indistinct.
A shirtless man is walking down a somewhat abstract, malformed hallway. The side of his body is brightly lit in a way that casts his right half and his face in shadow, but there is no apparent light source. There are visible door-like structures to the left and right of him, and behind him is pitch black darkness deeper into the hallway. He is walking towards us, away from the darkness.
The picture takes place in a grassy field during what seems to be night, with a moon in the top-center of the image, although the moon is far closer to the ground and far smaller than it should be. On the right is a tentacled, vaguely-feminine figure lifted off the ground by several thin tendrils, looking like she is made of red meaty flesh. Opposite of her, on the left, is what appears to be another woman in some sort of dress or gown. The tentacled figure is looming over the other woman, and is occupying most of the light of the moon.
A malformed, surreal humanoid figure lays pitifully on the ground in the center of what appears to be a kitchen. There is an open window and it seems to be raining outside. There is a chair with a red cushion to the left of the figure and a cabinet to their upper-right. Something that looks like a bouquet is on the floor near the figure.
A short stem blue rose in a frost covered vase, a beam of light is hitting the rose from the upper lefthand side.



Founding member of AWAY, making AI art since summer 2021.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.


Hi! I'm Cad, which could be short for Cadmus (who was transformed into a dragon) or Cadaeic (who names the numbers of pi) or anything you'd like. I'm a transmasc Asian-Australian using image synthesis to illustrate fantasy stories, tabletop games and other flights of fancy, as well as to explore naval art history. I also occasionally tinker with code on the side, finding that AI art appeals to both the creative and the technical sides of my brain. It's been fun, though I primarily generate pictures of sailing ships and resplendently rainbow sailing ships!


I'm a developer/hobbyist that got a start with AI art in the Style Transfer/Deep Dream days and gained a special interest in ML in early middle school.


I am the founder of AWAY and general malcontent-around-town for the AI Art community as a whole. I have always been interested in the ability to visualize my dreams and imagination in a way that would not require me to use my hands or fingers very much - I am disabled, and use of my hands for anything more strenuous than typing is generally a non-starter. Ever since then it has been one large, amusing, slightly infuriating, but always joyous rollercoaster.


I had gotten into AI art relatively early on, and I have loved watching its rapid progression and I'm sure I'll love seeing what's next. I love mixing concepts, ideas, artists, styles and mediums and seeing what the little robot does with it.


I am a disabled trans woman who started with Wombo when it first started, and moved to Midjourney when I found out about that. AI tools let me express myself in ways I couldn't before due to disability.

Star St.Germain

A tornado disguised as a girl.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.

Weird Mustard

Just an artist exploring the limits of what AI art can and can not do to show the viewer what I'm thinkingThis is placeholder text for responsive formatting.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.This is placeholder text for responsive formatting.